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The More You Know... Welcome to Canada and Condo Living!

We suspect that moving to a new country is likely an exciting and intimidating experience. Imagine never experiencing a fire alarm or a fire drill before coming to Canada and living through your first one. What about that constant beeping of the smoke alarm? It isn't very pleasant might as well take that down! Imagine being a tenant at a condominium and not being provided with the rules of the Corporation; and not understanding that you can only alter the unit with permission; what about using a garbage chute for the first time?

Onyx has a very robust welcome package that we send to all Owners and Tenants so we can ensure that those that may have yet to live in Canada before can be well informed of what they can expect that may be different from what they have experienced.

This is also beneficial for people moving into a condominium or an apartment for the first time. Condo Living, in particular, is very different than living in a stand-alone home. There are rules to follow, and decisions for the property go through a group of Board Members facilitated by the Acting Agent of the Corporation, which is the Property Management Firm.

When we hold our meet and greets at the properties we manage, we take time to ask those attending what surprised them most about living in their community; these answers helped us to determine what to include in our Welcome Package.

Often the most common response is that alterations to one's unit can not be done without permission; this can be very difficult for people to understand, as, after all, it is their unit! Though what if your bathroom reno, corner-tub/shower install subsequently disrupted the water supply to the entire community?

Our welcome packages are key in giving you a quick insight into what you can expect living in a community we manage!

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