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onyx condo management is managed by a husband and wife team with over 20 years of property management experience

About Us

Onyx Condo Management

The owners of Onyx Condo Management (OCM), Eric and Angel-Marie Reiner are a husband-and-wife team with more than 20 years of property, project/development management and real estate expertise.

The focus at OCM is to find good people who are great at their craft and allow them to lead the way. Onyx has developed a team consisting of like-minded individuals who possess a "roll-up-your-sleeves" mentality. All of the team members believe in Onyx and do all they can to support the organization’s mission

Angel-Marie and Eric believe their team is their foundation. Together, they strive to provide them with a work-life balance, such as offering flextime and ensuring property managers do not have to be on-call after hours or on weekends or holidays.


The Onyx team calls the Waterloo region home, nestled in the heart of downtown Kitchener at the corner of Ontario and King. 

“We are proud of our space and have made sure that it has room for growth.” 


The Onyx coverage area includes all of southwestern Ontario.

Angel-Marie Reiner is the owner of Onyx condo management

A message from Onyx president,
Angel-Marie Reiner, OCLM-L.

All in the name of Community!

In mid-2019, we began to be approached by several condominium corporations asking our team to provide quotes for management. We possessed years of experience in residential/commercial management but had not been licensed, therefore we would direct them to contact other firms in the area. Yet, time and time again, we were being approached. 

I personally began to wonder why so many people were on the hunt for a new management firm? I determined the reasoning and put together thoughts on when it is time to consider making a switch to a new management firm? Take a look here.

I concluded that Onyx could enter the market and disrupt the industry. Our strategy would include a positive approach to changing the management style, which was generally dated and ineffective. 

We started managing our first condominium community in November of 2019. A few short months later, the global pandemic took hold of our world. Discussions began about potentially stepping back, seeing where the pandemic would lead, and after it was over, focusing on growth. However, we aren’t the type to back down from a challenge. We moved forward and experienced remarkable growth. It required a truly gifted, motivated, and strong team to grow 3000 percent during a pandemic. 

We approach management differently than what a typical board of directors and community members have become accustomed. And we love to share how we are different and how we will make a difference in your community.  

On a personal note, I have loved moving into this space, and watching our team become an extension of the communities we manage. People invite us into their homes and trust us with what is often their most significant investment. We have seen families grow, as well as experiencing the loss of community members. We have provided a helping hand, met new pups, organized socials and fundraisers. All in the name of community.


Request a quote or a consultation to see if it's time to look at making a switch to new management.

To our team, clients, and vendor partners, thank you for your support, partnership, and trust.

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