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Condominium Management Services, Consulting and Developer Services


Condo Management, Consulting, Developer Services

Are you looking into other management firms and considering when to make a change? Are you unsure when that time should be or why you should make that change?  Our article “Is it time to make a switch?” can quickly help you understand when change is needed.

Under each Onyx service umbrellas, we believe that customization is a must. No two properties, board of directors, or communities, are alike. So, why apply a cookie-cutter approach? Instead, we work to understand the community and developers' unique needs and provide a tailored management program.

Onyx can also provide support to develop relationships within the community by organizing social gatherings. Examples of gatherings we have planned in the past included themes like, Hops and Barley, Wine and Cheese, Art and Music and The Community that Runs Together.  

Condo Management

Condominium Management

Once we have a signed contract and well before the final turn-over, Onyx quickly meets with the board of directors to develop a defined list of objectives. We then create an action plan and timeline in order to set the time into motion.


When Onyx takes over a corporation, the board of directors is often an operational board. This can mean they have had to take on projects to see them completed and are more involved than they should be, considering they are volunteers. Our goal is to move these boards to a governance board. This is not to say that members can not lend a helping hand, but, rather, the property manager is doing the heavy lifting. 


What type of board are you a member of now? Operational or governance?  


Onyx works early to build trust. To have clients and colleagues believe that when we say we are going to do something, we do it.

This is an overview of services, reach out to learn more!

  • Monthly reporting including status updates, confirmation of owners' requests (such as a renovation request), and the confirmation and status of all maintenance/service requests. These monthly reports also include a complete set of monthly financials.

  • Preparation and attendance of board meetings, owners’ meetings and the Annual General Meeting (AGM).  

  • Budget analysis, preparation, and completion of the budget package to be circulated to owners. 

  • Quoting, tendering, and setting up contracts for services for the common elements. This includes ensuring vendors and contractors are completing the approved scope of work and that all warranties are being met.

  • Implementation of a preventive maintenance program.

  • Setting up and maintaining an owners’ portal where notices and essential documentation can be found.

  • On-call (not a call service) after-hours emergency assistance for after-hours as well as holidays and weekends. 

  • Preparation of all required documents to keep the corporation in compliance, including period information certificates and new owner information certificates.

  • Timely preparation of status certificates.

  • Overseeing the process of the reserve fund study and compliance.

  • Project management includes overseeing the work of capital projects to ensure projects stay on task and that vendors are accountable for meeting the approved scope of work and warranties. 

  • Creation of an annual calendar, including key condo dates, for all ongoings of the corporation.

  • Organizing the creation of a community website and corporation specific email address.

  • Day in, day out communication and follow up with residents, vendors, contractors and board members.



Is your corporation currently self-managed? 


Onyx understands that self-management is often the choice of a corporation that has worked with management firms in the past that have over-promised and under-delivered.  

Onyx has flexible consulting packages to choose from, with no obligation to engage Onyx Property Management services. We can review your policies, procedures, and documentation to ensure that your corporation is in compliance and provide action plans to reach compliance.


Developer Services

The Onyx team works with the developer from the planning stages to ongoing support when the developer (declarant) turns over the property to the corporation via the final turn-over meeting.  

Onyx and their team have significant experience working with new builds, including general contract experience. 

We assist with completing the first-year budget, assist with Tarion, plan welcome events for new owners, and host in-person sessions regarding, Condo Living 101. At this time we can circulate important documents and keys/FOBS. Onyx will facilitate the move-in process, book elevators, collect deposits and perform inspections.  

A few weeks before interim occupancy and until the turn-over process, the Onyx team provides weekly comprehensive summary reports to the developer's team.  


Best of all, we provide you with the assurance that we will hold up your reputation with the homeowners and vendors. Onyx is your trusted partner.

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Development Services
Corportation Loans
Business information desk

Corporation Loans

Onyx has lending options available to help with capital expenditures. There are choices outside of a Special Assessment. A loan can be a more palatable approach for those owners that may have difficulty paying lump sums towards Special Assessments. Our team is busy working with fantastic leaders in this space. Stay tuned to learn more. 

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