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Oakville Welcomes ONYX

Onyx has management sites across Southwestern Ontario; we are excited to share that we have entered a new market. Oakville!

Oakville is stunning and vibrant! See below for 11 Oakville Facts! (credit: discoverwalks/blog)

  1. It was Founded in 1857

  2. It is One of the Safest Towns in Canada, with the Least Crime Rate

  3. It has one of the Best Education Systems and the Best Medical systems in Ontario

  4. Oakville has some of the Best Recreational and Fun Activities

  5. Oakville is Home to 3 Olympic Gold Medalists

  6. The Majority of Houses in Oakville are Single Detached Residences

  7. Largest Soccer clubs in Northern America

  8. Oakville has the Best Climate in the Whole of Canada

  9. The Town is Easily Accessible

  10. Oakville Welcomes More than 1.4 Million Tourists Annually

  11. Oakville is the birthplace of, President of Onyx, Angel-Marie Reiner

Congratulations to our team!

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