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Do You Partner with Purpose? 

What does this mean? It means that you are aligning yourself with great partners/contractors/service providers that do what they say they will do AND do great things in their communities and even, in some cases, internationally! 

Partnering with Purpose, ensures that you align yourself with great people who care not just about the "bottom line" but also about doing good.

Here is just a snippet of the good that Onyx has done! 

  • Team Passion Project - A paid day off to support team member's volunteer efforts with their charity of choice.

  • Tree Planting - We have partnered with RARE and TD to plant trees in the many regions we manage, encouraging our clients to chip in as well.  

  • Donate to Bell Let's Talk.

  • Organizing of Blood Drives.

  • Fire Department Tours - Departments have toured communities we manage not for deficiencies but rather to ensure that Onyx knows the safest way to handle emergencies; for each visit, we donate to the Department's charity of choice. 

  • Client Gifts - These are always sourced locally!

  • All the Drives! - Food, Toy and Winter Clothing Drives.

  • Water Filtration Systems: Onyx has donated water filtration systems that provide clean drinking water for African communities; helping from afar makes our hearts sing! 

Are you partnering with purposes! If you are interested in Partnering with Purpose for Property Management, reach out to our Team! 1.866.302.6699 extension 703.

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