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Efficient Condominium Management: Onyx's Earth-Friendly Paperless System

Updated: Apr 23

iPad tablet with Paperless Office sign

Happy Earth Day! Did you know that the Onyx Condo Management office is nearly paperless? There are so many reasons, though one extensive consideration for us was the environment, sustainability, and conservation.  

On average, one person in an office will use 10,000 pieces of paper in a year? That's a lot of trees! 

Our paperless system also brings other benefits like increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved data security. It's a win-win for everyone. 

  1. Time—We can't get more of it, so we might as well be as efficient as possible, with documents signed electronically and payments made digitally.

  2. Security - Information is safe and secured, as opposed to sitting in filing cabinets.  

There are many awesome APS that can help you on your paperless journey, including receipt scanners and digital notebooks.

If you are considering going paperless, Forbes has a great article on the subject.  


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