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You Talk too Much! :)

Onyx has introduced timed agendas for our board/owners' meetings. We have been piloting to see if our thoughts on it being a fantastic idea were, in fact, true. The results show that the productivity of these meetings has improved dramatically, instilling a sense of optimism that future discussions will be effective and timely.  

The reason is that it's a visual marker as a reminder that we need to stay on task.  

At Onyx, we like to keep our board meetings to a maximum of an hour or an hour and a half, which is doable! 

If you are a board member, condo, or otherwise or have been, you know that "Mike", Board Member at Large, can overtake a conversation, repeating, disagreeing, repeating, agreeing, repeating.  However, if the President and the PM have the power to say, based on the agenda, if we do not move along or defer, we will be in jeopardy of being unable to address all items in today's meeting. 

It's not just Board Members who can be supreme ramblers; Property Managers and Guests can be, too! It's hard not to feel the need to drive home a point, especially if you are passionate about it.  

This solution is ideal because you're not likely to tell anyone that they need to zip it, say less, and stop rambling; a timed agenda, though, can stop this behavior, AND it will get the Board Members and PMs finished up in time for a nice dinner and perhaps a glass of wine! 

What is your firm doing to work on constant improvement?  

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