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Buying a Condo? Love your Dog?

What does loving your dog have to do with buying a condo?

You have a beautiful Labradoodle, well-behaved, trained, empathetic, hypoallergenic, and 55 pounds.

You are settling in nicely, and receive an email from your Property Manager with a heavy heart; they share that you will have to re-home your dog within 60 days because while dogs are allowed at the community, there is a weight restriction of 25 pounds.

Your dog is a part of your family; surely, this can not be enforced; there must be a workaround.

You call the Lawyer who assisted you with your transaction; they asked if you read the documents sent to you by your Real Estate Agent when they ordered your Status Certificate. You only recall reading your sale agreement; what documents are they referencing? You call your Agent, and they resend you the files.

Sure enough, in black and white is the weight restriction. Now, what do you do? Sell your home or re-home Tobi?

Before buying your home, especially in a condominium community, you need to be well-informed. Ordering a Status Certificate is a must. This is your chance to review the governing documents, including the community's rules, so you can determine if said community will be a fit you (and Tobi).

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