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What's the BIG Difference?

"The owner of 310 has called you ten times and sent several emails, you have not replied. This is causing concern; it's unacceptable. What's going on??"

"The owner of 310 has reached out and said they have called you ten times and sent several emails without your response.  This seems unlikely. Can you provide me with an update? How can I help if it's needed?"  

Do you lead first with the benefit of the doubt?  

We can't begin to tell you how often we are told, "I called such and such, and no one has gotten back to me." We take concerns seriously, though homework usually needs to be done. We can track incoming and outgoing phone calls to determine if the person called ten times and review email reports. More often than not, the person has not been truthful and wants a decision that has been made changed by someone else in the company.  

If they have called ten times, we need to review whether there is indeed an internal team concern or if harassment.

This should apply to board members too. We can't much influence this but instead of saying;

"I ran into the softener salt supplier today, and he said that he hasn't been able to deliver salt because he does not have a key.  This is a high issue that can damage equipment; what's going on here??"

another option

"I ran into a softener salt supplier today; he said that he hasn't been able to deliver salt because he does not have a key. That seems strange.  Do you know what the issue is?  If needed can you please follow up with them? "

Your approach matters. It really makes a difference. You attract more bees with honey than vinegar.  

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