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Trust Sheryl Crow - A change will do you good!

We are expanding into the Niagara and Hamilton Regions, Looking for a change in your Property Management Firm?

When is the right time to switch to a new property management firm, and what does the process look like? 

The answer lies within your pain points. Are you struggling to get a timely response? Are Vendors complaining they are not being paid promptly? Are rules being broken with no consequences for unit owners? Below are the most common concerns that the Board of Directors have with their Property Manager. If you can answer yes to any of the below, it is time to consider working with a new firm.

  • Are you often having to follow up with your property manager or firm, sometimes on multiple occasions, to get updates and answers? Indeed, some tasks take longer than others, but we believe that acknowledgement is key! You should not be left wondering if your Property Manager has received your message. Whenever possible, Onyx responds to all messages within 24 hours, even if to say, "I do not have the answer right now, but I will circle back."

  • Are you seeing coding errors and misallocation of payments, paying reserve expenses from operating? Has it been a while since your Property Manager provided you with investment options? Are your vendors being paid promptly? The finances are the foundation of your Corporation; they should be accurate and timely each and every month. 

  • Rules are not meant to be broken! Is your firm promptly following up on rule violations, and are there consequences for "offenders?" Rules are in place to keep a community thriving. Imagine a beautiful community with all black doors; Mrs. Smith from unit 207 painted her door red, it took two weeks to get a notice to her and in that time, Mr. Jones believed he was allowed to paint his door; after all, Mrs. Smith did and painted his door yellow. Early intervention is key, and all violations should be responded to within 24 hours.

Here is what you can expect from Onyx! 

  • Same day acknowledgement 

  • Accurate, easy to understand financials 

  • Prompt payments to Vendors 

  • Rules are enforced 

  • Annual Calendar 

  • Quarterly Check-In by President 

  • After-hours call, answered and dispatched within 15 minutes 

  • Annual building audit; ensuring all Resident information is accurate 

  • Tenant Management/Intervention

  • Smooth transition from your current firm - We do ALL the "heavy lifting".

Ready to learn more? We look forward to connecting!

Photo Credit N. Betchtelar

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