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One of our team members has a family member that has been on quite the heart journey. Tobias, who is almost 4, was born with HLHS. Congenital heart defects (CHDs) are problems with the heart's structure that are present at birth.

He was recently in heart failure and required surgery while waiting for a heart transplant. The surgery was successful.

Our team came together to support through #TobiasStrong. We all donated and shared the Go Fund Me link to our network, which helped to raise over $12,000 for this little family who spends so much of their time commuting and staying in hotels while their son is at Sick Kids.

The support our team showed, with prayers, hugs, collective teams, donations and coming together to wear "TobiasStrong" tee-shirts on the day of his surgery, was all so inspiring.

Marissa is returning to work; after being on leave to be with her family, and we can't wait to see her! If you want to learn more about little Tobias or donate, please visit the link below.

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