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Pot, People, Pets, and Parking

For many years if you asked a Property Manager what recurring items they have to address, often. The answers generally would be People, Pets' and Parking.

During COVID and various lockdowns, Pot became the fourth "P."

Let's imagine this, an Owner, let's call him Sam, from Corporation ABC, is parked in someone else's parking space; he has a 180-pound St Bernard and a cat in his back seat; he is smoking a joint; he is also telling the Owner of the parking spot that he refuses to move because that Owner parks too close to his car.

Corporation ABC has a few rules.

  • The entire community is smoke-free, including smoking of cannabis in common elements

  • Each unit is allowed either a dog or a cat. There is a weight limit on dogs, which is 35 pounds or less.

  • Residents may only park in spaces they own or have proof of a rental agreement.

A bit of a predicament. Isn't it?

Rules are not meant to be broken, but the reality is they do.

The best way to stay ahead of these things is early intervention and ensuring that Owners/Residents are well aware of the rules and their responsibilities.

Onyx has a proven strategy to tackle the P's and keep them at bay! If you would like to learn more and see how we are turning your rule-breaking community around, reach out to

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