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New Title!!

Where does she find the time! We will tell you, she has a heck of a strong and supportive team that works with her, thank goodness! As it allows her to give back. Angel-Marie is officially a Career Speaker with the Business and Education Partnership of Waterloo, From their website.

Every young person has gifts and talents to offer the world.

But in our rapidly changing world, youth face a greater challenge than ever determining how to translate them into a satisfying career path.

Our goal is that every young person in Waterloo Region can build their path to fulfilling careers. Through our work, young people.

Angel-Marie will be traveling to schools in the Waterloo Region to share her career journey and offer mentorship. She has such amazing insight and can really engage an audience.

The Onyx Team as always, is proud of what she has accomplished and her passion for giving back to her community.

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