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Get Your Side Hustle On!

Everyone knows someone that lives/owns a Condominium, and it is likely that you know someone who is looking for a new management company.

Onyx is reminding our clients and network that we pay a commission for all referrals that turn into contracts! OR, if you wish not to take a commission, we can donate the same to your favorite charity/cause OR, we can also donate a trip to Nassau, Bahamas, that can be gifted/raffled to your team. Either way, we all win!

If you happen to a be a member of a board that is looking for a change; Onyx will host a community social as a thank you!

The process is simple; Onyx can share our presentation deck with you, which highlights why switching to Onyx will benefit communities!

Then it's up to you to ask the question! Once you know that someone lives/owns in a condominium community, ask if they are looking to change to a new management firm? From there, introduce them to our President, Angel-Marie Reiner, and she will take it from there!

If you would like to learn more, please email or reached out to Angel via Linkedin -

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