Over 20 Years Experience

Onyx Condo Management is a division of Onyx Property Group which has over 20 years of Property, Project and Construction Management experience.  We are a Canadian owned company, calling the Region of Waterloo home; our service coverage area extends throughout South-Western Ontario.

We believe in a tailored and customized approach to working with our Condo Boards and the communities in which their properties are located.   No two communities or buildings are alike; a townhouse community differs greatly from a high-rise community; which is why Onyx CM offers customizable options.  Board members can choose either our complete 360 Management Service, Onyx 360 or select only the services which are going to yield the best results for the board, owners and the property.

We recognize that the members which make up a Board of Directors are volunteering their energy and time; time away from work, family, friends, and personal rest and relaxation.  Your time is valuable.  In order to ensure meetings, decisions and communication is as effective and as timely as possible; Onyx CM maintains a high level of effectiveness and organization; allowing our boards to maximize their time.

Effective condominium management has many facets, from basic property maintenance and upkeep to complicated legal and financial management services that require specific skill sets. Onyx CM is well equipped to handle every aspect of the management process, bringing extensive knowledge and experience to the table. Regardless of size, each client receives specialized attention. Our focus on customer service and satisfaction sets us apart in the industry.

In the know

This is home.  For you, your family or your tenants.  We ensure that you are well informed regarding the property and the community, be it through monthly newsletters, posts on properties social media, management reports, or routinely scheduled board meetings.

We are always reachable!  Not only do we offer extended office hours, operating Monday through Friday from 7AM to 7PM our phone system for emergencies is monitored 24/365; we do not use a call centre but rather manage our after hours services internally.