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67 Seconds!

You CAN make a Property Manager's Day! It can take as little of 67 seconds. It's SO SIMPLE! It's all about the Google Review. Has someone from our team made a difference? Are you a vendor that loves working with Onyx?

When you take the time to share a positive experience on Google, you make that property manager's/admin's heart swell with pride.

Not only does their direct Manager get to know how amazing they are, they are recognized and praised by our entire team. They get a gift certificate for each review, and we track how many each team member receives during our fiscal year and present the winner with an award at the end of the year.

Also, we have some of the greatest vendor partners! Post an Onyx Google review, and we will return the favour!

We are working on a handy-dandy QR code to make leaving a review even easier!

Look for it soon!

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